Jason Houghton

Jason Houghton 

12th October 1989 - 30th June 2014

"You are a beautiful comet

That blazed brightly but briefly in our lives

Before returning to the heavens

Where you will shine among the stars



Jason loved life. In fact he thought it was Amazing.


When asked what he wanted to do with his time here on Earth

Jason always said that he wished to be remembered for making a difference.


Jason was a Paramedic.


He wore his greens with pride and he excelled.

Not only did he bring new life into this World, he saved lives too.


Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our beloved son

there are people alive today who would otherwise not be here.

These saved souls will go on to have children of their own,

children who will grow up to do wonderful things

and may even save more lives.


Jason made that difference.



This is his legacy




We were blessed to have Jason in our lives for 24 years

He was a brother, a grandson, an uncle, a cousin, a stepson

But most of all he was our beloved son

And he will live on in our hearts, forever


With All Our Eternal Love

Jane (Mum), Keith (Dad), Lynn (Step-Mum)

 Gemma & Sam, Rebecca & Ruben

Willow, Perry, Ava, Bella

 June & Bill, Frances & John

 Alyson & Michael

Holly, Olivia

Michelle & Mick